Sunday, 19 December 2010

I'm still standing

So much to do so little time!

I have been willing Christmas on for the past few weeks now and now it is nearly here and I feel like I am reliving my youth through Eden. I cannot tell you how excited I am, although my daughter is only one and doesn't know what is going on. I heard someone say once that the best thing about being a parent is reliving life through the eyes of your child and I definitely get that. Thinking about Christmas takes me back to when I was little and how magical the whole experience is. The excitement on Christmas Eve and finding a full stocking at the bottom of my bed on Christmas morning.. leaving a mince pie and drink on the mantle for Santa. It is all these little traditions that I am excited to relive with Eden, at least once she is old enough to understand.. I really want to give her the best memories of her childhood.

I got a fabulous black Christmas tree and decided to go with a black and silver theme.. I am quite pleased with it.

 We have all been so sick for the past week or so. Eden had her 12 months jabs which seemed to knock her for six, and at the same time my husband got the flu, followed by myself. thankfully I have done most of my Christmas shopping so don't need to worry about going shopping while I am unwell. Poor Eden has a week of being well and then seems to pick another illness up in nursery. I am praying for a healthy child on Christmas Day!!

Eden has developed so much over the past couple of weeks. It fascinates me the way she has a little plateau and doesn't really develop for a little while, and then BANG she is like the little genius child. It's crazy. For example Eden would not stand up on her own, she would crawl about and put her arms up for me to get her then the other day she just started climbing up on the furniture as if she had done it forever. At the same time she started dancing - not just her usual rocking back and forth, this a real effort to dance, and totally comical. She is at that stage of copying everything and learning really quickly, and I love it.


Shel x

Friday, 10 December 2010

A little late

Well I haven't been around at all lately. How bad is that? I have wanted to but I have been busy with work, baby etc etc etc... I think I need to manage my time a little better, but hey I'm back now :)

I can't even really say that anything interesting or amazing has been happening as it has been really quite since Eden's birthday. All I can say is, right now I am SO excited for Christmas... I put my new tree up tonight but I haven't taken a picture of it yet. It's black and 6ft tall and I decorated it with lovely pearl and clear beads, and black and silver baubles. I really love my new tree :)

So Eden is doing really good and nursery is going from strength to strength. She really seems to be starting to like it, although it doesn't feel like that when she cries as we leave her - having said that I know that the tears stop after we go which is a good thing as I think she is finally starting to have fun there.. that is all we want afterall. One thing that I have noticed is how much better she is doing now with strangers and she is turngin into a really friendly baby.. such a change ti when she was younger and she would cry at strangers. I guess the daycare really is helping her to mix and feel comforatble with people.

Still we don't have any signs of Eden walking. I have to say she is a bit lazy. I don't think it is the fact that she doesn't know what to do becasue we have tried getting ehr holding the walker and she can do it as long as we guide her I think she just thinks it is less hassle to just scoot around on her knees. Only last week did she start pulling herself up on her feet holding onto the couch, and she has only done that a few time. I guess she will do it in her own time.

Today was fun. We went to visit little Esme who is a little over 3 months old. It just made me realise how quickly babies grow when I saw her sat next to Eden.

Life truly is a miracle.

Nite all,

Shel x