Monday, 31 January 2011

Chinese New Year

Last night we went to Eden's grandparents to celebrate Chinese New Year. It was great because she also got to spend time with her little cousin Lillie who lives in London. Last time when they got together Eden wasn't very impressed and not really up for playing but this time they couldn't seem to get enough of each other!

It's really difficult to get a decent picture of Eden with other people lately especially people she isn't very familiar with but i really like the ones I did get:

"Eden, who you texting"

Getting her red packet from Grandad

'Would rather have an apple thanks!'

Will settle for both then

It makes me a bit sad that Eden doesn't get to see her grandparents much as they spend most of the year in HK, having said that we really value the time she does get to spend with them,  just wish she would let them hold her a bit more.

Anyhow we have some nice pictures and videos to look at until then.


S x

Friday, 28 January 2011


Today we had a little ride out on the bus to visit my good friend Rhian. It was great to catch up as we haven't seen her since well before Christmas and Eden thinks she is great. I wasn't sure how we would get on with Eden as she was dozing on the bus and was super tired by the time we arrived, but she was a little trooper and perked up.

Sorry Rhian - I know you won't thank me for this!!

When we where coming home, there were so many people at the bus stop and when the bus arrived they all started charging on in front of me, although I obviously had my hands full (pram, bags etc..) it was one kind old lady and her husband that stopped to let us go and asked did I need any help. The bus was quite full and I was having trouble parking my pram up and I didn't have room to sit down... and do you know what? that same old couple (the man had a walking stick) pulled the pram right up to where they were sat so that my bags and pram handles where basically digging into them but they wanted to make space so I could sit too. They held onto that pram for the whole journey home so that it wouldn't roll or move, and thanks to them my journey was more pleasant.

I just wanted to add that because, let's be honest I don't think there are many kind genuine people around these days, but these two really where.

 I hope when Eden grows up she is one of them, and that she would do the same as those nice people did for her mum.

Nite all,

M x

Say Cheese

These days when I try to take a picture of Eden this is what I get

She cracks me up, the teeth, the grin - so cute. If I do say so myself!

I have this issue everytime I pull out my little compact camera. I think it's because the flash makes her shut her eyes, she thinks it's funny..

I love that her face is so full of expression these days but what I'm not loving so much are that toddler style tantrums that have started. I swear she has a meltdown about 10 times a day, if I take the TV remote off her, if I am eating and won't give her a bit, even wiping her face after eating.

 That bit is hard work but I can get over it, when I see that cheeky, goofy, toothy smile. 

Shel x

Thursday, 27 January 2011

This is what happens...

This is what happens when you give Eden a fajita...

A VERY satisfied customer

Eden loves food. I don't mean she likes to eat, I mean she really loves food.
She loves food so much that she out eats all her little friends at nursery and then finishes off their food too.  I guess we are lucky to have a baby who enjoys to eat, but  I am also glad she loves fruit and vegetables otherwise we would have an even chunkier little monkey!!


Monday, 24 January 2011

Weight Loss Time!

I had been thinking for a while to go on a diet as I don’t think there is any excuse for this "baby weight" anymore as my daughter is 14 months old now! I didn’t gain a whole lot of weight during pregnancy, up until my last couple of months and most of that was, and still is on my belly. Have you ever felt like you have gained weight but it has creeped up on you and then one day you see a picture of yourself and think "Is that me?!" – well I am a bridesmaid at my friends wedding in August and I want to look (and feel) fabulous.
Well last week I was browsing some of my favourite blogs when I came across this
Wow – I cannot believe the results she got in, like 5 weeks. A lot of what she was saying made sense to me and something clicked. "I can do that!" So I made a CLEAN meal plan and ordered all of my food shopping on Tuesday online. I thought maybe if I avoided getting it from the supermarket and just order what I need then maybe the temptation won’t be as great. I have bought some digital scales and will weigh myself weekly, but knowing me In will probably get a bit obsessed and do it daily.
On Thursday night we had our first Clean meal of steamed fish and vegetable and it wasn’t so bad either. I think the hardest thing for me is Diet Coke and chocolate. I could drink Diet Coke DAY AND NIGHT and today I am missing it – but haven’t given in to temptation.
I have been dropping a pound a day since Friday which I am guessing is water to begin and I am sure when things settle down the weight loss will regulate itself. I was actually surprised at how quickly these first couple of pounds have shifted as I have a condition called PCOS which makes (in my case) weight loss difficult, paired with an underactive thyroid – although I will probably talk more about that on another post. I haven’t taken any measurements but I probably will this week and I don’t want to frighten anyone with my "Before" picture but let’s see how it goes.
I gotta tell you though I am having some crazy headaches which from what I have read are caused by the release of the toxins from my body during detox (scary huh). Although I am eating well and eating around 6 smaller meals a day and just drinking water and herbal tea I think it is a shock to the system.
Now completely random cuteness.....

Bye for now,
M x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Too tired

It's all quiet at the moment. Dad is upstairs putting Eden down for a much needed nap and I am half way through a "deep clean" of the house. Do you ever look around and think you need to deep clean, cos I do - all the time. So today it's getting done. 

We are all so tired.

This Wednesday just gone we where due to start our new sleep routine because I have decided enough is enough, and Eden really does need to learn to sleep alone, but mainly learn that she can get herself back off to sleep when she wakes at night. Don't get me wrong I know who is to blame, I know it's down to us and we have been really rubbish with it so now we just have to bite the bullet and give it a try. So I have been checking out Super Nanny sleep techniques and were doing it.

I decided Wednesday is the best time to start because after then I am off work till Monday, and the baby has no nursery to go - so if where up all night it's ok. Well I was getting psyched up about it and then she got the flu :( 

So we have rescheduled for this Wednesday. I'm just gonna wash her bedding, make it super nice and comfy, get the bumpers back up and where good to go.... although I doubt Eden will agree.

Happy Sunday!

Shel x

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Superhero Contest

Part of the reason why I think I love photography and taking photos so much is because of the memories that come with the image. Very often, when I take a picture that I really like I will look back on it and remember that moment. This is one of the pictures:

A Good friend of mine bought Eden this baby "Supersnap Suit" I hadn't dressed Eden in it as the sizing was bigger than what she was at - at the time but thankfully one day I decided to dress her in it. I was soooo lucky because it was a little tight because she was such a chunky monkey!! So thankfully I got some cute snaps of it. I am glad I did, because she is my superhero, I love her to bits..

Anyway, I am so happy to once again share this, and also because I am entering it into Photofreaks contest this week.

Check it our here: 


We took Eden for a photo shoot last Saturday. We where told to take a few different outfits and to bring her with hair ready and her first outfit on - ready to go! No easy feat with a baby! Keeping her clean was the first challenge, followed by keeping her awake. She was so tired and cranky when we arrived I thought this was gonna go badly.

Luckily for us Eden was a real pro and turned her smile on for the camera, it helped that she really took a liking to the female photographer. We had so much fun, and after a little editing we have some lovely shots.

I never cease to be amazed at how photogenic our little girl is.... prepare for photo overload :)


Shel xx