Monday, 31 January 2011

Chinese New Year

Last night we went to Eden's grandparents to celebrate Chinese New Year. It was great because she also got to spend time with her little cousin Lillie who lives in London. Last time when they got together Eden wasn't very impressed and not really up for playing but this time they couldn't seem to get enough of each other!

It's really difficult to get a decent picture of Eden with other people lately especially people she isn't very familiar with but i really like the ones I did get:

"Eden, who you texting"

Getting her red packet from Grandad

'Would rather have an apple thanks!'

Will settle for both then

It makes me a bit sad that Eden doesn't get to see her grandparents much as they spend most of the year in HK, having said that we really value the time she does get to spend with them,  just wish she would let them hold her a bit more.

Anyhow we have some nice pictures and videos to look at until then.


S x


  1. It's so nice you got to spend time with them! You got some cute pictures :-)


  2. I bet her grandparents loved seeing her!!

    Her outfit is soo cute! I loooove it.