Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Summer - where did you go?

Oh, Summertime where did you go? Feel like I blinked and Winter is coming again.
Eden's first Summer was a real washout. Why are Summers so rubbish in England. I want to put her in sandals again and cute tops because I love those chunky, chubby baby arms and legs, and those little sausage toes. I love thoes toes...

 Having said that, my favourite month of all is Autumn.. the trees turning golden, more cooler and comfortable.... crisp walks in the park.

Christmas next!!!! :)))))

Shel x

Monday, 22 November 2010

Photoshop Play

I was browsing my hard drive and remembered these super cute pictures I took last week.

My mum had been watching Eden for me, and when she brought her home it was cold out so she wrapped her in a blanket and popped this hat on her to bring her to the door. I thought she looked soooo adorable and luckily had my camera to hand and got a few quickfire snaps. They turned out kinda blury but still, I have had a little play around and ran a few actions through them and am in LOVE with them.

spot the bogey!?

Funny how sometimes you get the best results on the spare of the moment.

Nite all,
Shel x

Photography baby

Yesterday I went to take some photographs of the gorgeous Kaiden. 8 months old and the same size as Eden. What! - such a cute, big boy!

Kaiden, like Eden is of mixed race, both English and Chinese. It was nice for Eden to get together with another little eurasian.

Well I didn't think he was going to play, but we got there in the end :)


I mean come on, how adorable is this little boy!

Love this! Look at Eden's face, she looks suitably unimpressed.

Have a great day!

Shel x

Monday, 15 November 2010

Party Pictures

I have so much that I want to write about. Things that have been going on recently, work, nursery, crawling and her big 1st birthday.. but I am tired and working tomorrow so for tonight pictures will have to suffice.. night all x

And now I have a one year old

Well now, I have a one year old. How did this happen? Did I blink a miss the past year?

Wasn’t it just yesterday I was nursing you in my arms with tears in my eyes, amazed at this perfect little thing we had created.

It was on Christmas Day you gave your daddy your first perfect gummy smile. 6 weeks old and the ultimate Chrismas gift.

How can my little angel change so much and grow beyond recognition in just 12 short months! I will miss my baby – but I am excited to meet my toddler.

I love you more than life itself “ding ding” – and always will.


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Photofreaks Photo Challenge - Best Photo Ever Taken

I am really loving the idea of this weeks photo challenege over at Photofreaks blog.. but my oh my what a struggle! I have so many pictures that I love, many of which are "technically" not great, but they hold special meaning to me.

Anyhow after a lot of thought and indecision here is my submission:

I mean seriously, could he be any more adorable?

I took this picture a few years ago and this was the first time I had ever seen this boy, and I will probably never see him again - but if everyone could feel the joy that this little guy is feeling I think the world would be a much happier place.

Shel x

Being productive

I mean seriously, I have not had the time or inclination to get online!

Having no laptop -I have really been struggling to get up and sit at the computer, it was so easy and convenient with the macbook on my lap.

So I have been busy the past week, and a little stressed, totally consumed with thoughts about Eden's nursery, her upcoming birthday, Christmas.. you get the jist - mind working over time. I have also been struggling with sleep deprivation and the babys constant demand for my attention.. and if I am completely honest it has all been a little overwhelming.

Thankfully Eden is MUCH more settled at her nursery now and is napping well while she is there. I have been really thankful that my husband has been dropping her off there because I can't deal with the crying when I leave her. Having said that today I took her in and thouht I would hide outside to see how long the crying lasted for.. would you believe within about 20 seconds she had stopped! I think it is harder for me than her!

Well I have been birthday planning but I am going to do a seperate blog about that because it may go on for quite a while!!

So I feel like my blogs are not complete without a little visual loveliness so here is my fix:

This picture just cracks me up.

THis is too quick but it is late and I am tired and I am off work now for a few days so I can indulge in writing more then, but for now  I REALLY need to go and catch up on my blogs!

Shel xx

Monday, 1 November 2010

1st Halloween

It turns out that my hard drive on the Macbook has died and I have lost all my data... my data being all of my most recent pictures of Eden.. thank god I put some of my favourites online. Lesson learned and never to be repeated :(

On a brighter note Eden had her first Halloween yesterday. We went to the Liverpool Lantern Carnival which was pretty magical for the children but a PAIN with a buggy - so many people.

Well here is Eden's contribution to the festivities... and yes, she hated it.

She should have been going to her nursery party in dress up on Friday but she was teething and very cranky so we had to give it a miss, plus she HATED the feel of the material in her costume. Can't blame her, I think she knew I was exploiting her hahaha!

Nursery has settled down over the past couple of visits, we have shortened the length of time she spends there and building it up again slowly, to full days. I am pleased she is beggining to bond with the staff a bit more so I'm really hoping things work out well.

Well I am trying to build up my Photoshop Action set a bit and at the moment I only have access to Elements and Photoshop 7 (sorry to bore any non PS people!) so I am not very happy with what I get from my photos but nevermind there are more important things in life!!

Under 2 weeks to go before baby girls birthday YIKES!

M x