Monday, 27 September 2010

Anfield Tour

Eden is sooo much better now which was great because we had such a busy weekend. Saturday we went to a friends wedding of which I still have a ton of photos to edit.. and then yesterday we went to Liverpool and did a tour of Liverpool football stadium. It's not really my bag, but I had gotten my husband the 2 people tour a while ago for fathers day.. it was fun though to dress Eden up in her football jersey but hard work trekking her around in and out of her pram and carrying her (she is soooo heavy!) anyway she was very well behaved so I can't grumble.

After all that fun would you believe that I have caught this weird bug that my daughter has had.. I started feeling ill while we where out but I haven't felt great for a while now, well by the time we got home I was feeling pretty grim and came out in the rash that Eden has had.. not good, especially when I have a 10 month old to care for. Well at least she will go back to nursery tomorrow and I plan to stay in bed and recuperate.

Nite all,

Shel x

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A sick baby is a sad one

I got a call in work on Monday afternoon from Eden's nursery. It was the manager saying not to panic but Eden had come out in a rash all over and had been very upset. I was surprised she had a rash, but not surprised they called as she had been having trouble shaking off a constant cold for a few weeks on and off.

So I went along and collected her and took her to the doctors. It turns out she has the start of an ear and throat infection.. poor baby :(

It looks like the constant colds have been a result of her body trying to fight off the infection, however it has finally won which makes for a very sad, clingy, fretful little girl. On the plus, it will do wonders for her immune system.

Last night was a bad night, she didn't settle well, threw up all over the bed, and got very upset. If I could take the sickness away I would but not much I can do for her apart from give cuddles.

The rash came out in full force today, apparently the infection coming out. Where giving her antibiotics twice a day and the doctor says she should start picking up within a day or two..

I hope so, I miss my happy baby.

Shel x

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Yeah yo

Today, at dinner Eden started doing her cute little wave and she started adding an attempt at "Hello" with it. She said it over and over and it was the first time she has tried to say it. I have a question: When do they actually begin to understand what words mean? I am convinced she is starting to understand but my husband thinks it is all just mimicking... hhmmmmm...

We went to pay a quick visit to my friends new baby again, Eden was a bit bewildered and excited by the site!

I hope everyone had a great Sunday!

Shel x

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Baby Love

You know what, it wasn't until today that I actually realised how much Eden is learning and the how much she is picking up from my husband and I. The whole mimicking thing also is amazing to me.

Well her nan has bought her a baby doll, and it is pretty life like. Personally, I hadn't really given thought to buying her dolls as I never had them and assumed she would also be more of an "animal" kind of kid (wrong of me to assume I know!), well she has this doll and when she got it she kind of studies it for a while, then starts talking to it (baby language of course), then takes her dummy out and starts trying to put it in the dolls mouth!? Then the kisses, she now understands and when we say "kiss" she kisses the toy - adorable!

She thinks it is a real baby.

Not only does she think this is a real baby, she thinks it is HER baby. It was so cute to watch her play with her and study the little face. She has a thing for eyes and loves poking and prodding at them. The doll sings the nursery rhyme "Row Your Boat" - one of Eden's favourites and she is amazed by that. If the dummy sharing wasn't cute enough, I had to laugh at her sheer frustration because the dummy wouldn't stay in the dolls mouth.

This week she has also been learning to put blocks into a container, and she knows how to take her toys out of the container.... I am still working on the putting them away part..

She is going off baby food and gaining a preference for our food, fish is a favourite at the moment and she groans to tell us she wants more.

The belly laugh has taken on a whole new meaning as she roars and roars at the silliest of things. I find myself doing silly dances, pulling crazy faces, and making funny noises in the middle of a busy shopping centre just to get a good laugh out of her - it lights up my life.

Someone said when you have children you become so selfless and do silly things without a care of who is watching, for me that is definatly true. I would die in a heart beat for that child.. sound dramatic? maybe, but if you have children you would probably agree.

I took some 10 month portraits of Eden and thought I would share some:

 I am finding every day exciting. As she is getting older she is getting more expressive - she inspires me so much.

Nite all,


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Busy Busy and Baby Esme


Can't believe I have not posted since late last week. I have been super busy and the time has slipped by. The latter part of last week, and the weekend where spent with Eden of course, and I have had a crazy couple of days in work. I am still readjusting to work/nursery life and getting into this new routine is proving harder than I thought. I am having to be very organised, which if you know me is a feat in itself. Ironing, packing edens baby bag, preparing her things for nursery, busy busy busy.

Have you ever spent a day cleaning and tidying your home only to look around when you have finished and think the house looks just the same as before you started? Well that was how I felt on Sunday! I am so glad I get to spend the morning with Eden tomorrow before I take her to nursery, I just love giving her a sleepy cuddle in bed while she touches my face.. I love that baby girl so much!!!

My dear friend Vicky gave birth on Sunday evening to a precious little girl. I am so excited, Eden gets a new little friend! I went visiting today and I have to admit, it got me broody :o)

Just how perfect and gorgeous is she?

Later when I got home Eden was home from nursery, tired and hungry, and just look at that hair!

fun and giggles with Nan!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Waving the way

It's ironic really, yesterday I was talking about all the new things Eden had started to do, and then late last night she woke up and I couldn't settle her.. she ended up in our bed. When I lay her down she started to wave and said "hiya" - my mum and I have been trying to get her to wave for a long time now, and she finally decided to do it!..  At midnight.

So today she waved, and didn't stop waving. She waved at her toys, at me, at the tv, at herself in the mirror. It is the cutest thing. Most of the time it is a proper, normal wave, but occasionally she decides to wave like the queen and it is so funny. Today she also decided to start to kiss herself in the mirror, my mum said she had been kissing toys the other day and I hadn't seen it so it was cool to see her doing that today. I also decided that our coffee table is a hazard and the baby needs more space to scoot about, so that got moved. She LOVED zooming around the room in her walker and chuckling as I chased her in it. I have never had so much fun...

Can't believe I had not really looked at the photos from our honeymoon properly. I will probably add a page later about us, our wedding, honeymoon but for now:

Technically, not our honeymoon but this was taken the day we left. Eden with her cousin Adrian from HK.

Sherwood Forrest, Robin Hood country.
Nottingham Castle

A well deserved drink

I would sooo love a holiday. I really feel like I need one. It won't be this year now, as it is to close to Christmas but I think next year for sure. My husband thinks the baby is too young but the way I see it, a 2 hour flight to Europe isn't so bad. I mean, we have drove to London and with the stop off's in between that was around 4 hours and Eden was only around 4 months old then.. we will see.

Nite all,
Shel x

Thursday, 9 September 2010


Well Eden was a star today! She was up early in a fantastic mood, and we had so much fun. She also napped really well, which was great for me - not the usual challenge thankfully. We both napped at 9.30am and didn't wake until the phone rang at midday! I fear if the phone hadn't rang we would still be there now! Another great thing was that she played really well on her own, entertaining herself which was a blessing as I could actually get a few things done. I think if I had gone back to work full time I would be seriously missing my baby, although I - like all mothers need a break from time to time I truly enjoy EVERY minute I spend with her.

We went to her nans this afternoon where she napped well again without a fight, ate well and played lot's... the simplest days are just the best.

Things Eden has started to do this week:

1) Started to dance to music (awkwardly)
2) Clapped her hands a few times
3) Sharing food more and more (without us asking)
4) Trying to climb up things like the table and sofa 
5) Belly laughing a LOT more

Another lovely thing that we noticed a couple of days a go is the HUGE gap between her two top teeth that are coming through, I also have heard the beginnings of a lisp? SUPER CUTE!!

No photo's today as my battery died and I didn't have time to recharge it however I found a few pictures in my archives that I had forgotten about.

Eden at 2 weeks old:

From being first born she would do this thing when she had drank enough milk she would stick her botom lip out and not drink any more.


Shel x

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

For our lovely new followers

Seriously, I never thought anyone would really be interested in reading about Eden's baby life. I mean, of course it is interesting and amazing and all lovely for my family and I, but for other people, well I thought they would think our little blog was a bit "over the top" and self absorbed... well that was until we became immersed in this lovely community and met all you lovely people!

It is soooo refreshing to meet so many like minded people who share the same interests in their babies, pictures and words.

So "Thank You!" :o) from eden and I...

On Honeymoon at Sherwood Forrest, Eden is 6 months here and a real chunky monkey!

I could spend all day browsing all your lovely pictures and blogs and I still have a lot of browsing to do. Thank you all for your lovely comments, and happy blogging!

Shel + Eden xx

Nursery Baby

So Eden had her first experience at nursery yesterday. Thankfully her dad took her so I could avoid getting upset!! I managed to last an hour before I rang the nursery to check on her.... obviously she had been upset, hadn't eaten her breakfast, and was generally missing mum and dad..

I probably shouldn't have called as it made for a serious lack of concentration on my first day back at work

At least she got lot's of fussing and cuddles from mum and dad later.

Today was a better day, her dad took her in again, and she was upset when he was leaving but when I called they said she was taking a nap and was much better. That really put my mind at ease. Her nan collected her and spent the day with her... making her laugh, and playing with her.

I had so many mixed feelings, what if she doesn't love us as much for sending her there? What if she bonds so much with the staff that she loses the bond with me? Silly thoughts really but I can't help it. I know it will be good for her and we will get a little time away from each other, but wow I miss her so much!!!


Sunday, 5 September 2010

13 hours to go

The time has come and my baby goes to nursery tomorrow. Everything is packed up ready and has been checked and double checked:

nappies,baby cereal,sun cream, cordial, sippy cup, calpol, snacks, teething get, formula, dummy chain, sun hat, info list.... hmmmmm just need a baby now!

I have been seriously putting off thinking about this but it all has to be done now. It is 18 months since I was at work, following pregnancy complications I was sick for the remainder of my pregnancy from around 12 weeks followed by a full year maternity leave. I have very mixed feelings about tomorrow.

Dad is taking Eden in and she will only spend a couple of hours there tomorrow. I really hope she is ok and enjoys it.

   Shel x

For the love of pictures

I was trying to think of an excuse to post the following picture and then I thought "Do I really need an excuse?" - I guess the whole point of blogging is freedom of expression, whether that be in writing, or visual loveliness. Anyhow I figure I'm not going to worry to much about written content, unless of course I have something interesting I want to say. In the meantime, on an average Saturday, with not much to write home about here is a little pick me up:

This HAS to be one of my favourite outfits for Eden. I am willing another chilly kind of day so that she can wear it again before she outgrows it. I also bought the little 0-3 month version for my friend who is expecting a baby girl. How fabulous is that beret hehehe xx

Paper Mama Photo Challenge -Excitement

The Paper Mama
So over at The Paper Mama the latest challenge is EXCITEMENT and how could I ever resist entering Eden!

Being a new blogger I am still getting to know this fabulous community and I seriously have the "blogging bug" - pairing that with my "photography bug" is a deadly combination and I am LOVING combining the two ;o)

Here's my entry taken last month, Eden was super excited after her favorite show came on TV:

Excited, loving life, happy. What more could any mother ask for?

     Shel x

Saturday, 4 September 2010

10 months of memories

Wow, my baby girl has gotten to ten months already.. I can't believe it.

This week, reaching ten months since the birth has made me think about a few things. I haven't spoken on here about my birth experience, I guess I don't feel ready too which is basically because I didn't have a positive birth experience at all. I worried for quite some time as to what effect the birth would have on me both physically and emotionally. Thankfully the physical pain is beginning to ease now, but I am still left with the emotion and trauma of a negative birth experience.

I am hoping, in time the negativity will leave me, the flashbacks will stop, and the apprehension about having another child will go away. They say time is a healer and I am certainly hoping so.

In the meantime I have applied to view my medical records at the hospital as I feel this will be a neccesary step towards closure. I feel that if I can sit down and read and understand exactly what happened, what went wrong, then I can find inner peace.

Maybe in the not so distant future I will dedicate a page to my Pregnancy and Birth, but for now I will leave it at that.

On a more positive note, I have gotten the greatest gift in the world from the whole experience:

And what more can anyone ask for?

     Shel x

Friday, 3 September 2010

"Moments" on the go

Well I finally emptied my camera phone of it's contents and have dozens upon dozens of photos that I have taken "on the go" with Eden. It was nice to finally collate them all and see them close up. Some of my favourite pictures of her have been taken on my phone and although the quality isn't great I know I will treasure them always.

Here are a couple of them, although I have had a fiddle with them in Photoshop. I can highly recommend the Vivaz for pictured and HD video.

     Shel x