Thursday, 9 September 2010


Well Eden was a star today! She was up early in a fantastic mood, and we had so much fun. She also napped really well, which was great for me - not the usual challenge thankfully. We both napped at 9.30am and didn't wake until the phone rang at midday! I fear if the phone hadn't rang we would still be there now! Another great thing was that she played really well on her own, entertaining herself which was a blessing as I could actually get a few things done. I think if I had gone back to work full time I would be seriously missing my baby, although I - like all mothers need a break from time to time I truly enjoy EVERY minute I spend with her.

We went to her nans this afternoon where she napped well again without a fight, ate well and played lot's... the simplest days are just the best.

Things Eden has started to do this week:

1) Started to dance to music (awkwardly)
2) Clapped her hands a few times
3) Sharing food more and more (without us asking)
4) Trying to climb up things like the table and sofa 
5) Belly laughing a LOT more

Another lovely thing that we noticed a couple of days a go is the HUGE gap between her two top teeth that are coming through, I also have heard the beginnings of a lisp? SUPER CUTE!!

No photo's today as my battery died and I didn't have time to recharge it however I found a few pictures in my archives that I had forgotten about.

Eden at 2 weeks old:

From being first born she would do this thing when she had drank enough milk she would stick her botom lip out and not drink any more.


Shel x


  1. You don't realise it at the time, but they are so easy when they're tiny. I expected it a little anyway (as you probably do too) but people where so right when they tell you that the hardest part is when they start to walk. You think "great, my arms are finally free!" But then you don't get a minuets piece having to chase after them, the only rest you get is when they're back asleep in your arms.
    It's funny when they start to dance, if you haven't already, film Eden dancing, it'll be one to show her when she's older lol, plus they love to watch them selves now.

  2. Awww so tiny! Don't you love going back over the tiny baby pictures, i am just in awe of how much my boys have changed in what feels like so little time! Zeke had that adorable gap tooth grin when he was a babe too but once all his teeth came in it went away and he got the "perfect" smile :) Of course then he chipped one of his front teeth... ahhh life with boys!