Friday, 3 September 2010

"Moments" on the go

Well I finally emptied my camera phone of it's contents and have dozens upon dozens of photos that I have taken "on the go" with Eden. It was nice to finally collate them all and see them close up. Some of my favourite pictures of her have been taken on my phone and although the quality isn't great I know I will treasure them always.

Here are a couple of them, although I have had a fiddle with them in Photoshop. I can highly recommend the Vivaz for pictured and HD video.

     Shel x


  1. She is so cute <3 thankyou for putting my button up.

  2. Excellent photos. Eden is so photogenic. Alfie has taken to hiding when you try to take his photo now, he's become too knowing of what things are. I hope your luckier then we are and Eden continues to love the camera.
    Thanks for commenting on my blogs. They will get less heavy when I catch up to the here and now. It was hard to know what to write, I knew what I wanted to say but I don't want to upset or offend certain people. Hopefully I have managed to get my voice across.

  3. Photo Freak - your blog deserves the button, it is fabulous!

    Lorna - Not "heavy" at all - just honest, keep up the good work, am an avid reader ;o) x