Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Nursery Baby

So Eden had her first experience at nursery yesterday. Thankfully her dad took her so I could avoid getting upset!! I managed to last an hour before I rang the nursery to check on her.... obviously she had been upset, hadn't eaten her breakfast, and was generally missing mum and dad..

I probably shouldn't have called as it made for a serious lack of concentration on my first day back at work

At least she got lot's of fussing and cuddles from mum and dad later.

Today was a better day, her dad took her in again, and she was upset when he was leaving but when I called they said she was taking a nap and was much better. That really put my mind at ease. Her nan collected her and spent the day with her... making her laugh, and playing with her.

I had so many mixed feelings, what if she doesn't love us as much for sending her there? What if she bonds so much with the staff that she loses the bond with me? Silly thoughts really but I can't help it. I know it will be good for her and we will get a little time away from each other, but wow I miss her so much!!!


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