Friday, 10 September 2010

Waving the way

It's ironic really, yesterday I was talking about all the new things Eden had started to do, and then late last night she woke up and I couldn't settle her.. she ended up in our bed. When I lay her down she started to wave and said "hiya" - my mum and I have been trying to get her to wave for a long time now, and she finally decided to do it!..  At midnight.

So today she waved, and didn't stop waving. She waved at her toys, at me, at the tv, at herself in the mirror. It is the cutest thing. Most of the time it is a proper, normal wave, but occasionally she decides to wave like the queen and it is so funny. Today she also decided to start to kiss herself in the mirror, my mum said she had been kissing toys the other day and I hadn't seen it so it was cool to see her doing that today. I also decided that our coffee table is a hazard and the baby needs more space to scoot about, so that got moved. She LOVED zooming around the room in her walker and chuckling as I chased her in it. I have never had so much fun...

Can't believe I had not really looked at the photos from our honeymoon properly. I will probably add a page later about us, our wedding, honeymoon but for now:

Technically, not our honeymoon but this was taken the day we left. Eden with her cousin Adrian from HK.

Sherwood Forrest, Robin Hood country.
Nottingham Castle

A well deserved drink

I would sooo love a holiday. I really feel like I need one. It won't be this year now, as it is to close to Christmas but I think next year for sure. My husband thinks the baby is too young but the way I see it, a 2 hour flight to Europe isn't so bad. I mean, we have drove to London and with the stop off's in between that was around 4 hours and Eden was only around 4 months old then.. we will see.

Nite all,
Shel x

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  1. I want a holiday too! So cute she waves. I'm trying to teach Harper he just stars at me like I'm mad LOL.