Sunday, 5 September 2010

For the love of pictures

I was trying to think of an excuse to post the following picture and then I thought "Do I really need an excuse?" - I guess the whole point of blogging is freedom of expression, whether that be in writing, or visual loveliness. Anyhow I figure I'm not going to worry to much about written content, unless of course I have something interesting I want to say. In the meantime, on an average Saturday, with not much to write home about here is a little pick me up:

This HAS to be one of my favourite outfits for Eden. I am willing another chilly kind of day so that she can wear it again before she outgrows it. I also bought the little 0-3 month version for my friend who is expecting a baby girl. How fabulous is that beret hehehe xx


  1. So cute, though Eden would look adorable in any outfit. I want a girl :-( there are so many lovely things out there for girls, there's hardly anything for boys. I shop at TESCOS in Prescott and whenever we go I always look at the children's section (as we mums do), there is a small section for boys but the girls is like twice the size.

  2. I'm pretty sure that you don't need an excuse...and she is looking very cute so I'm glad you shared this shot. Have a great week!