Thursday, 29 September 2011

Moving On

To say I have been busy is an under statement. Along with the general, working, sick toddler, day-by-day stuff we are buying a new home.

After 2 years of our house being on the market in a BAD housing market we decided enough is enough as I cannot stand the cramped conditions in our house. As much as I love the place, and it does hold a lot of special memories for us being our first home together that we basically gutted and renovated we have decided to bite the bullet and rent it out. That way, we get to hold onto it but without the burden of having to live here.

So thats that.

We found a bigger semi locally with a fantastically large garden by local standards that is going to be amazing for Eden, an extra bedroom, upstairs bathroom instead of downstairs, and an extra loo. I could go on, probably one of the most important things about the house is that I am just up the road from one of the bests primary schools in the country.  I am so excited.

Only problem, we have to renovate this one too.

Were not scared of the work cos we have done it before, however we didn't have an inquisitive toddler in tow last time. How we are going to tackle that I have no idea. As we don't have a tenant yet were going to try to do as much as possible before we actually move in. I think if we tackle the main rooms then any other less important stuff can be done at a later date.

Well, my touchpad won't allow me to upload any pictures but I promise I will soon. Has anyone completed renovations with a toddler around? I would be interested to hear how that went!

Shel x


Finally, after what feels like months of waiting I got to see the much anticipated pictures of Eden taken for Mamas & Papas Winter collection. We are so excited to get the high res pictures from this shoot!

I just look at these and thing - little girl.

Alas, my baby is no more.

Shel x

Friday, 2 September 2011

Bad Blogger

Yes that title would be me. Think it is my record so far for time between posting, it's just been one of those times when my mind has been on other things and trying to think of interesting things to blog about - when life has been pretty uninteresting felt too much like hard work.

Well, things have just been hectic and a bit overwhelming if I am honest. I hope it isn't only me who feels like that but do you ever feel like it is gogogogogo and you don't ever really relax. There has been stuff going on, and hopefully some exciting stuff to come before the year is out (and no I'm not pregnant)  but honestly, I think I need a holiday.

I feel very much on auto pilot at the moment. Eden will turn 2 in November and that thought in itself is overwhelming. We still refer to her as "the baby" like, "what's the baby having for dinner" and so on, but more and more these days she shows the traits of a little girl and less of a baby. I didn't get to take her 21 month pictures this month, so yesterday I took some 21 and a half month pictures instead.

and these

and these out takes :o)

So this post is a bit all over the place but I promise to explain all very soon. I do have a wedding to talk about that belonged to my dear friend and Eden was a little flower girl! Also the Mamas and Papas photo shoot amongst other bits and bobs.

Now I'm going to check out Brandi's blog, amongst others :o)

Shel x