Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A sick baby is a sad one

I got a call in work on Monday afternoon from Eden's nursery. It was the manager saying not to panic but Eden had come out in a rash all over and had been very upset. I was surprised she had a rash, but not surprised they called as she had been having trouble shaking off a constant cold for a few weeks on and off.

So I went along and collected her and took her to the doctors. It turns out she has the start of an ear and throat infection.. poor baby :(

It looks like the constant colds have been a result of her body trying to fight off the infection, however it has finally won which makes for a very sad, clingy, fretful little girl. On the plus, it will do wonders for her immune system.

Last night was a bad night, she didn't settle well, threw up all over the bed, and got very upset. If I could take the sickness away I would but not much I can do for her apart from give cuddles.

The rash came out in full force today, apparently the infection coming out. Where giving her antibiotics twice a day and the doctor says she should start picking up within a day or two..

I hope so, I miss my happy baby.

Shel x


  1. Aww I hope she's better soon, it's not right that they be ill at that age. xx

  2. I hate when they are sick!! Poor little girl! Kingston had a double ear infection a couple of weeks back and he became a different baby so I know what you mean by saying you want your baby back!! I hope she feels better soon. No fun for her and no fun for mommy!!


  3. Oh poor baby!! That last picture is almost heartbreaking! Hope she feels better soon!