Saturday, 18 September 2010

Baby Love

You know what, it wasn't until today that I actually realised how much Eden is learning and the how much she is picking up from my husband and I. The whole mimicking thing also is amazing to me.

Well her nan has bought her a baby doll, and it is pretty life like. Personally, I hadn't really given thought to buying her dolls as I never had them and assumed she would also be more of an "animal" kind of kid (wrong of me to assume I know!), well she has this doll and when she got it she kind of studies it for a while, then starts talking to it (baby language of course), then takes her dummy out and starts trying to put it in the dolls mouth!? Then the kisses, she now understands and when we say "kiss" she kisses the toy - adorable!

She thinks it is a real baby.

Not only does she think this is a real baby, she thinks it is HER baby. It was so cute to watch her play with her and study the little face. She has a thing for eyes and loves poking and prodding at them. The doll sings the nursery rhyme "Row Your Boat" - one of Eden's favourites and she is amazed by that. If the dummy sharing wasn't cute enough, I had to laugh at her sheer frustration because the dummy wouldn't stay in the dolls mouth.

This week she has also been learning to put blocks into a container, and she knows how to take her toys out of the container.... I am still working on the putting them away part..

She is going off baby food and gaining a preference for our food, fish is a favourite at the moment and she groans to tell us she wants more.

The belly laugh has taken on a whole new meaning as she roars and roars at the silliest of things. I find myself doing silly dances, pulling crazy faces, and making funny noises in the middle of a busy shopping centre just to get a good laugh out of her - it lights up my life.

Someone said when you have children you become so selfless and do silly things without a care of who is watching, for me that is definatly true. I would die in a heart beat for that child.. sound dramatic? maybe, but if you have children you would probably agree.

I took some 10 month portraits of Eden and thought I would share some:

 I am finding every day exciting. As she is getting older she is getting more expressive - she inspires me so much.

Nite all,



  1. Iam in complete awe of my grandaughter the pics are lovely shell and i love you all
    very much,xxx.