Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Busy Busy and Baby Esme


Can't believe I have not posted since late last week. I have been super busy and the time has slipped by. The latter part of last week, and the weekend where spent with Eden of course, and I have had a crazy couple of days in work. I am still readjusting to work/nursery life and getting into this new routine is proving harder than I thought. I am having to be very organised, which if you know me is a feat in itself. Ironing, packing edens baby bag, preparing her things for nursery, busy busy busy.

Have you ever spent a day cleaning and tidying your home only to look around when you have finished and think the house looks just the same as before you started? Well that was how I felt on Sunday! I am so glad I get to spend the morning with Eden tomorrow before I take her to nursery, I just love giving her a sleepy cuddle in bed while she touches my face.. I love that baby girl so much!!!

My dear friend Vicky gave birth on Sunday evening to a precious little girl. I am so excited, Eden gets a new little friend! I went visiting today and I have to admit, it got me broody :o)

Just how perfect and gorgeous is she?

Later when I got home Eden was home from nursery, tired and hungry, and just look at that hair!

fun and giggles with Nan!

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  1. I have three boys, all I do is clean, and it seems to never look different. bleh!