Monday, 1 November 2010

1st Halloween

It turns out that my hard drive on the Macbook has died and I have lost all my data... my data being all of my most recent pictures of Eden.. thank god I put some of my favourites online. Lesson learned and never to be repeated :(

On a brighter note Eden had her first Halloween yesterday. We went to the Liverpool Lantern Carnival which was pretty magical for the children but a PAIN with a buggy - so many people.

Well here is Eden's contribution to the festivities... and yes, she hated it.

She should have been going to her nursery party in dress up on Friday but she was teething and very cranky so we had to give it a miss, plus she HATED the feel of the material in her costume. Can't blame her, I think she knew I was exploiting her hahaha!

Nursery has settled down over the past couple of visits, we have shortened the length of time she spends there and building it up again slowly, to full days. I am pleased she is beggining to bond with the staff a bit more so I'm really hoping things work out well.

Well I am trying to build up my Photoshop Action set a bit and at the moment I only have access to Elements and Photoshop 7 (sorry to bore any non PS people!) so I am not very happy with what I get from my photos but nevermind there are more important things in life!!

Under 2 weeks to go before baby girls birthday YIKES!

M x


  1. i mean really how cute is this baby girl!!!

  2. The same thing happened to me with my Iphone. It crashed and I lost three months of pictures of my seven month old. :(

    I am a new follower just found your blog! Come chat on mine sometime.