Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Daycare Dilemas

So the last couple of days have been really crap.
Lack of sleep, teething baby, and nursery issues have all be on the go and then I look at my wage slip and am like “wow is there any point in working, seriously?”

I feel like I am sending my daughter in to a place she hates and then paying obscene amounts of money for the privelidge Why is childcare so expensive?

On Monday it felt like we had taken two steps back with the baby. I knew she would be a bit touchy as it was her first day back at nursery after being on hospital as she had been of for 3 weeks. What I didn’t expect was for them to ring me in work after an hour to come and collect her, she was inconsolable 

I think it doesn’t help that she was prodded and poked so much in hospital she has a bit of an issue with strangers at the moment. I get the impression she thinks they are going to stick a needle in her or something and after a few other niggling issues I have at the place I was all ready for throwing the towel in on Monday… it felt like she will never settle there. I have spent the last couple of days wondering what to do, thinking maybe she would be better with a chilminder rather than in a big daycare place? Or maybe it was just a bad day and well, she is teething. I am so lucky that my mum is off work for the next few weeks so we decided to try her again on Tuesday and see how she goes, just for an hour or so. Thankfully she was good as gold, ate breakfast, playing etc… it looks like she is bonding with one of the girls, a blonde girl and I think in Eden’s head she maybe associates the long blonde hair with mum.. not sure but it seems that way. I’m still not 100% happy but as long as Eden continues to improve and seems ok there is no point pulling her out. It would mean going through all the upheaval again and I don’t want that for her.

Today wasn’t so bad. Wednesday is the only day I drop her off and I always dread the tears as I leave. I still feel really guilty. Suprisingly there where fewer tears and when she saw her blonde carer she was good as gold – this is a relief. On Friday they are having a Haloween party for the babies and children and eden is going dressed as a adorable!

I still have no laptop so no photos (ggrrrrrrrr) but heres hoping 

Have a good day!

Shel x

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