Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Hospital Stay

So I can only apologise as I have been completely out of the loop for the past couple of weeks.

Eden has been in hospital.

Looking back it feels like the last bunch of blogs I posted where just about Eden being sick (again) and it is true she seemed to have been battling one sniffle after the other. Well last Monday after I collected her from nursery I could tell she was quiet and looked a bit off colour. By the time we got home and I lofter her out of her pram she was burning up, that was at 4pm ish.. then she wouldn't have a nap and was getting hotter. So I gave her some infant paracetamol in the hope it would bring the temperature down.. it didn't.

A little while later she had a febrile convulsion Thankfully I had read on the internet that a rapid rise in temperature in babies and young children can cause a fit so I kinda new what was happening - however I was absolutely terrified.

I cannot tell you how I kept my cool, how I rang the ambulance, how I answered the door. Seeing my poor baby still, foaming at the mouth, whimpering is something I hope I never have to see again. I called my husband, and my mum from the ambulance. Later I was told she had another one while in the ambulance but thankfully I didn't see it.

We spent 4 days in hospital while the doctors did an array of tests, the most serious of which where to check for possible meningitis and involved a lumber puncture - thank god they came back clear.
Poor Eden was pumped full of antibiotics through a canular and after a couple of days her temperature stabilisied. I do not know how parents cope with seriously ill babies, my heart goes out to them.

To cut a very long story short it turned out she had a really nasty viral infection and we are just grateful it was not a more serious illness. Amazing how quickly the get better though as she is cruising around now as if nothing ever happened. Still, even now she has a runny nose so we are keeping her off nursery until she is 100% better. In a way, especially now I wish she didn't have to go back there ;(

So no photos for now, but having said that today is Edens 11 month old birthday!!! I have decided to decorate the house for her 1st birthday, a few people can call around on the day if they want to as we simply do not have the room for a party so we will just keep it informal.

This baby girl deserves something special after all she has been through.


Shel x


  1. So glad she is all better and happy 11 months beautiful girl!!

  2. OH Shell sounds so terrible!! I'm so glad she is well again. Poor baby girl and poor mummy big hug

  3. I cried just reading this, i am so sorry you had to go through this! Poor baby girl! I am so glad she is feeling better and everything turned out okay, what a scary time! Lots of rest and lots of snuggles for both of you! :)