Thursday, 21 October 2010

PC Problems and Birthdays

So this HAS to be a super quick post because I have a very unsettled baby upstairs :) I am so stressed because my macbook has gone caput, and you guessed it - it has been a while since I backed up my photos/videos.... stupid stupid girl. Luckily many of my recent favourites are here on my blog podtd but most of them are reduced to web quality which is not great for printing. I aint gonna beat myself up about it until I know for sure that I have lost them. I am hoping that a friend of my husband can fix it, I mean he works in I.T. so hopefully can sort it?? Fingers crossed for me please so that I don't lose my stuff.

I couldn't bring myself to upload any photos tonight without tweaking them.. All my Photoshop actions are on the Macbook too, along with my Photoshop and I have lot's of new pictures of Eden but I know I won't be happy uploading them without any editing.

So I had a birthday on Tuesday, and my first as a mamma and it somehow felt poignant as my first birthday being a mum. I was so happy to share the day with my little family and we spent the day in York. Eden was soooo well behaved, she impressed me so much, eventhough she was in and out of her pram/carseat she is such a little trooper.

Oh oh oh - I have ordered the BEST decorations for her upcoming birthday. I found some cool Hello Kitty stuff online. I swear I hardly gave my own birthday a second thought but I am just overcome with excitement for Eden's. I have still have such vivid memories form the day she was born that I know I will be pretty tearful on the day.. I will have to upload my idea board when I have a little more time.

Just remembered that my hard drive is connected so there you go, my blogs don't feel complete without a little visual loveliness.... eden (left) on a playdate a while ago.


Nite all!
Shel x

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