Thursday, 13 January 2011


We took Eden for a photo shoot last Saturday. We where told to take a few different outfits and to bring her with hair ready and her first outfit on - ready to go! No easy feat with a baby! Keeping her clean was the first challenge, followed by keeping her awake. She was so tired and cranky when we arrived I thought this was gonna go badly.

Luckily for us Eden was a real pro and turned her smile on for the camera, it helped that she really took a liking to the female photographer. We had so much fun, and after a little editing we have some lovely shots.

I never cease to be amazed at how photogenic our little girl is.... prepare for photo overload :)


Shel xx


  1. What a great photoshoot! Those are some seriously adorable pictures!

  2. She is just pure perfection that I can hardly stand it!! You dress her in the cutest outfits Shel. I love your family photo, such a great looking family! Keep the photos coming, it's like soaking up sunshine to me!