Friday, 28 January 2011


Today we had a little ride out on the bus to visit my good friend Rhian. It was great to catch up as we haven't seen her since well before Christmas and Eden thinks she is great. I wasn't sure how we would get on with Eden as she was dozing on the bus and was super tired by the time we arrived, but she was a little trooper and perked up.

Sorry Rhian - I know you won't thank me for this!!

When we where coming home, there were so many people at the bus stop and when the bus arrived they all started charging on in front of me, although I obviously had my hands full (pram, bags etc..) it was one kind old lady and her husband that stopped to let us go and asked did I need any help. The bus was quite full and I was having trouble parking my pram up and I didn't have room to sit down... and do you know what? that same old couple (the man had a walking stick) pulled the pram right up to where they were sat so that my bags and pram handles where basically digging into them but they wanted to make space so I could sit too. They held onto that pram for the whole journey home so that it wouldn't roll or move, and thanks to them my journey was more pleasant.

I just wanted to add that because, let's be honest I don't think there are many kind genuine people around these days, but these two really where.

 I hope when Eden grows up she is one of them, and that she would do the same as those nice people did for her mum.

Nite all,

M x

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  1. Wow she is really growing up! the bunting looked great for the cake I ended up making it rather than buying the one you commented on. I'll have photos soon.