Wednesday, 2 February 2011


We had a free morning before Eden went into nursery and before I went to work. It is soooo much easier to just get up and take her out rather than sitting at home until lunch time and trying to entertain her/get her to nap. She hasn't been as into toys and playing lately and is easily distracted so I figured it would be a good idea to go and see my friend Jane, she has 2 kids. Lewis nearly 4, and Archie nearly 2 and we haven't seen them since Eden's birthday in November - so well overdue a visit!

Tired and cranky as Eden was she managed to hold it together until just before we left.

Eden hogging the remote

Baby Love

Bit of 'nana and TV

She is starting to really get interested in other kids now which is great but she still needs to get the whole sharing/not allowed to slap/kick thing down as poor Archie got a good old slap across the face. I know she isn't doing it in a malicious way but she needs to begin to learn that it's not allowed!!

M x

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