Friday, 25 February 2011

Bad Blogger

So I have been totally useless and haven't updated in sooo long and I wish I had some excitement to update with but sadly not :)

The past couple of weeks have been taken up with various mundane activities.. work, home, lack of sleep .... the usual working mum kind of thing. Eden is her usual happy self at the moment and I can say that because she is currently sound asleep in her cot.. yes, I said cot. How amazing is that? Amazing for us at least because if you remember Eden wasn't sleeping in her cot at all.

Well I was completely exhausted and decided enough was enough and I knew we had to be vigilant. It had gotten to the stage where my poor husband was sleeping on the couch through the week while I shared the bed with Eden, she would constantly wake from her slumber looking for me, searching for my face in the dark. I had had it.

Now I know we got ourselves into this situation and there is only us who could sort it out, but having tried the CIO method, Pick Up Put Down nothing was working and it was so stressful for us and for her that we just continued on this cycle of tiredness....

Well I have to be honest and say we actually haven't changed all that much. Initially I set her cot up like our bed. I used one of the pillows from our bed so that she would be familiar with the smell and I layed her quiult out. As Eden doesn't have a favourite toy I decided to introduce a cuddly Winnie the Pooh in the hope that she would use it as a soother.

Up to now, and it is early days things are going ok... we are just being patient and let her get used to the new arangement. Tonight she fell asleep peacefully without looking for me and grabbing for me, she snuggled up to her teddy and dozed off. Don't get me wrong, nights are still difficult like last night she woke at 3.30am becasue her nappy had leaked and she only went back to sleep at 5am - so yes I am tired but I am glad she stayed in her cot and didn't end up in bed with me.

I never thought I would end up co-sleeping - but having said that I never thought I would get so happy, emotional and feel so much love for another human being.

Sleep deprivation is a small price to pay for the experince of motherhood.

M xx

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