Saturday, 5 March 2011


Sometimes I wonder where she gets the temper from. I would say that I am quite placid unless provoked and my husband can be very stubborn, so, I guess I will blame him :o)

One of the downsides I find with my baby turning into a toddler is the temper tantrums and the meltdowns. To be fait though it mainly happens when she is overtired, or really into something and I disturb her. Today we went to a shopping place and it was pretty busy but we found a quiet spot and let her out of the buggy. Eden is soooo close to walking now she can taste it and she can walk really well when my husband and I hold her hands, so we let her walk hoping to tire her out and when she had enough *she was pretty overtired* she got down to crawl. Well the floor was pretty dirty so I went over to pick her up and she went into total meltdown throwing herself down and clambering to get away from me. It was really funny but it's just another example of her getting older.

Were having similar issues with food now as getting her meals into her is becoming a challenge. I think this is partly because she knows she can kind of do it herself so she doesn't want us to feed her but also she has decided she doesn't like a lot of stuff anymore. So I end up letting her hold the fork while I load it with food out of the bowl, and she eats it.... crazy but it is the only way!!!


S x

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  1. We have to load the fork too! You're not alone! Dylan has tantrums quite a bit now, especially at the dinner table and it's frustrating at times. Everyone talks about the terrible two's and I think it starts more like at 14-15 months and lasts until they are 3!