Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Child Model

Today it was nice because my husband and I had the day off work and Eden had the day off nursery so we got to spend some family time together. Actually we had to drive up to Huddersfield because Eden had a casting for Mamas and Papas. I haven't mentioned previously but around Christmas time we got her signed up to a child model agency. Sometimes it feels a bit weird to say that cos you assume people think you must be a pushy parent or "trying to live your dreams though your child" - but that is soooo not the case for us. Eden is gorgeous, but isn't every child? We thought it would be a fun thing to do, plus a bit of pocket money for her and something nice to show her when she is older. If she hated it then obviously we wouldn't do it! As a matter of fact, she really seems into it.. probably because I am always pointing a camera in her face :)

Well she has had 1 job since her profile was completed in January, and 2 castings, this being the second one and we will just let it be and see what happens...

We weren't allowed to take pictures at the casting venue, but heres a couple of other pics from the day..

Look's like we have a late walker. She only started crawling at around 9 months so it is to be expected I guess. Recently she started standing unaided and is getting into the walker now, but she is still a bit wobbly.


Shel x

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