Thursday, 17 March 2011


I love how her personality floods out of these pictures..

Today was a good day.

We had playgroup and I was happy to see Eden mixing well and not just clinging to my leg all morning. We have been going for the last few weeks and she was a bit unsure at first and wanted me constantly by her side. It doesn't help when she wants me to walk her around everywhere. It's like she want to mix and play but only with me by her side.

Today was different though, as Eden was much happier mixing and she didn't really have any meltdowns however she did slap a little boy (we will just gloss over that little hiccup!)

She did sleep pretty well last night, on her own, in her cot from 7pm - 6.40am which is not bad going at all. I keep meaning to write a blog about her sleep which has really improved as of late, but I will do that tomorrow.

Anyway, I think the good sleep helped today and even when we came home she was up for a laugh.. and for some reason my daughter loves cushions?? Piling them on top of each other, knocking them down, hiding behind them. Must be great for a kid when you can make anything into a toy.

Tomorrow we go shopping..

Shel x

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