Saturday, 12 March 2011


Trying to explain to a nearly 16 month old that sharing is what you do in a civilised society is (much) easier said than done.

We had company yesterday as my friend Vicky came over with her little girl Esme and it was fun.

We took a walk and the little ones got to play. Eden was just kicking off all day though. I keep telling myself that it is teething woes but in reality I think it is frustration as she can't comunicate what she wants. Well whatever it is, it's really annoying cos I can't be doing with the screaming and kicking. I think she just wants to be free and who can blame her? Being right on the verge of walking and being put in a buggy when you want to do your own thing has got to bug.

Back at home little Esme was happily having a little play with some of Eden's things and she was NOT happy about it. Snatching things away and getting stroppy. Sometimes I just don't know how to react when she does that because she is too young to understand what I am saying but I want to get her into good habits starting young.

I don't want a spoilt baby.

Don't get me wrong it isn't all bad! i think if she had an older sibling it would be easier as she would be used to sharing stuff but y'no, she is still a baby her self yet. I think nursery will help.

So how do you discipline a young child/toddler?


Shel x

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  1. Dylan throws a fit if he takes something and we make him give it back. But at this age, we do tell him "Share" or "Wait your turn." We tried to give him his first time out, yeah, that did not work. He just gets up and walks away. My oldest is really bad about slapping toys and books out of Dylan's hands so we've been working on that. I think at 18 months is when we started doing time outs and the bottom step of the stairs with our oldest. It's tough, I wish my kids just came out perfect and never had to be disciplined, haha!