Monday, 21 March 2011


I swear she will sit/lie and do this for an hour if I let her, which when I need a moment I often do :o)

In other news, I am sick. I don't just mean  have a sniffle sick - but full blown "please feel sorry for me" sick, but if you know my husband, you will know that he doesn't do sympathy so I just have to get on with it!

Well I sent Eden to nursery this morning and spent a lot of the day in bed totally wiped out with this flu. I hate it because it has meant being off work today and I have already had to take too much time off work with Eden's sickness - so I feel a bit bad about that. I have to be well for Wednesday as we have tickets to go and see Derren Brown at the Liverpool Empire and as Andy kindly informed me "he won't want me coughing and spluttering all the way through it" - nice. :o)

Shel x

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  1. Wow, Dylan just eats the writing utensil! That's great that she is content to draw for that long:)