Friday, 18 March 2011

Nap Time

I have to admit, the past week or so Eden's nap's have been all over the place. I didn't plan for it to be like this but we have been using the Ferber Method to try and get Eden to sleep through the night and some nights are better than others.

So last night wasn't a good one as she woke at about 11.30pm and didn't get to sleep until about 2.30am ish. Those nights are hard.

Well as you can imagine a tired Eden is not a happy one and she had been cranky all day. She managed a 50 minute nap in the morning while we were out and then fell asleep on my lap at about 4.30pm. I would never normally let her sleep so late in the afternoon but to be honest I was tired and feeling a bit unwell, and I wanted a quiet moment myself!

It's great until she wakes up all disorientated and cranky... I should not have let her nap so late...

After her hour long nap she stayed up until 9.15pm which is a big disruption to her usual strict 7pm bedtime - but although I was sick we actually had fun and she went down without a problem. I am hoping she sleeps through tonight but lets see.


Shel x

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