Wednesday, 16 March 2011

16 month portraits

Well I don't always get round to doing these and I really should. Today I took some pictures for Eden's 16 months. I love it when a mediocre looking picture turns out really nice with a bit of tweaking.

She looks soooo old in these! I can't stand it. The only thing keeping her my baby is the fact that she can't walk yet, but that is only around the corner now.

Other stuff you can now do at 16 months:

Gesture for things (pick me up, no etc..)
Stand unaided but not walking yet
Say a few words, "look, mamma, dadda, nanna, thank you, look at that, .."
Feed yourself with a spoon,fork
Attempt to dress yourself

Sure theres more but I can't think now!

Shel x

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  1. Clicked from top baby blogs... what gorgeous photos. super duper cute.