Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Me and My Shadow

Sometimes it feels like I am always the one behind the camera the one behind the camera taking pictures of Eden with friends and relatives. So I reckon it is about time I indulged myself..

Without meaning to sound corny we are really growing closer, (if that is possible) as she is getting older and although I know she looks like Dad I can see a fun, silly personality emerging. I want to teach her that it's ok to laugh at yourself and you can laugh at other people, if they are laughing with you.

Still no walking yet, although we are seriously close. We go away for the weekend on Friday and I was hoping she would be taking some steps for that but no such luck.. all in her own time.

Have a great day!

M xx


  1. Very cute pictures Shel! She'll definitely walk on her own time:)

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