Sunday, 13 February 2011

Our Weekend

So last weekend my husband hit a "milestone" birthday (say no more)!! So I arranged us a nice weekend away in North Yorkshire. Just the 3 of us, no mobile phone signal and lots of peace and quite **bliss**

It was great cos Eden slept for over an hour on the way so I didn't have to worry too much about her getting bored and when we arrived at the cabin she was impressed because it was quite open plan and pretty baby friendly. Just what we needed!!

watching the birdies


happy baby

i heart seals

i can use a spoon now

helping to tidy up in the shop

new hair!
I was a bit nervous about this break. Eden had her MMR vaccine a week before we where due to leave and as the side effects don't always show until 7-10 days later it coincided with the holiday. I wouldn;t have minded too much but where we stayed, the nearest hospital was around 25 miles away -  not ideal if your child gets sick. Luckily for us though her symptoms stayed at bay and apart from a few "meltdowns" and irritability she was pretty good. oh, speaking of "meltdowns"- never had it until now bit she decided to use this time to start to have the "terrible two's" start early. Screaming fits if she cannot have something, if she is a little tired, etc etc etc... we have found that the best way to deal with it is by ignoring it, she soon stops, and most of the time it is more of a whine. I think I prefer the screaming to that whining sound though!

I cannot tell you how much this family time means to me and I love giving Eden these new experiences, even if she is too young to remember it now, we have so many pictures and videos to show her when she is older, it excites me so much. I have to say, it is hard work travelling with a toddler but so worth it.

SO does your little on have meltdowns??
M xx

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  1. Love the hair Shel!! You look awesome!! Dylan definitely has meltdowns because when there is something he wants or someplace he wants to be it is pretty difficult to change his mind:( He rarely melts down in public so far but I'm mindful of his nap times for the most part.