Saturday, 20 July 2013

14 months!

Wow seriously, did I really let it go so long?

It is really difficult to know where to begin when you have spent the last year on a crazy roller coaster ride, with it's ups and downs all the way along... first let me explain a little something..

One of my last posts before I took this, ahem.. extended break talked about someone who was using Eden's pictures on a fake Polyvore profile. I have to be honest and say it really bothered me and although I contacted the website and got the page shut down it left me seriously questioning the safety of the Internet and my little girls photographs. Since then though, I have been using instagram, and posting pictures on my secure profile on Facebook and I think the time is right to get back to updating this little space I have here because I would like to share them with my family in later years.

So what's been happening?

This little lady had a 3rd birthday party! (she is 4 in November)
E was diagnosed with vesicouretal reflux and last month she had keyhole surgery at Alder Hey Children's Hospital. To say that we have had a tough 12 months would be a serious understatement. We found out through numerous scans, x-rays, tests that Eden's right kidney is malformed, either damaged due to the numerous kidney infections she has suffered, or maybe a deformity that she was born with. She has around 20% function on this kidney and probably full function of the left side. As you can imagine as parent this was pretty devastating and luckily they got her in pretty quickly to operate on her ureters, having what the call a STING procedure. So now we go back on Wednesday to find out if the surgery has worked.. pray for us please!

On a brighter note we have started pre-school!
"World Day" at school. Eden dressed as a Flamenco Dancer Hola!!"
She so loves pre-school and her teacher. Only recently has she started to talk about the other children being her "friends" and telling me about the things they get up to. It is adorable.
I promise to update more often, these months and years are like fleeting moments that I don't want to forget, ever.

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