Tuesday, 12 April 2011


One thing I love about this kid is that she ALWAYS has a smile on her face.

NOTE - I would love to claim I took these pictures but I sooo didn't :o)

Me getting broody holding new baby Ellie

It has been a tough old time this past week. Eden had some blood test to try to discover why she is always so sick, it makes me feel bad for her cos she is such a smiley, happy child but get's ill so much it is like punishment for being so happy. I can't stand it.

In other news we have a walker now, even though crawling is still her preference she has been doing a bit more day by day. I am sooo proud! Having said that she has been inverting one of her feet when walking so has to have an XRay to check her hips etc.. (See what I mean!)

Does your child get sick a lot? I would love to hear.

M xx


  1. Dylan had 3 bad bouts of a stomach virus within 4 months where he just puked and puked for like a 1-2 weeks straight, it was awful. And I always thought it was because I switched him to formula and when I told people he was sick they always immediately asked if I was still breast feeding, so annoying:( My sister was and still is always sick much more than me even though we grew up in the same environment. Did baby Ellie give you baby fever? I'm not even holding the baby and it gives me a little!

  2. It is awful isn't it when they are sick, You feel so helpless and they can't communicate how they are feeling which makes it even worse :o(

    Baby Fever? Your not kidding I was (and still am) sooo broody. However the PCOS doesn't agree **sigh**