Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sunny Days

We've had some lovely gorgeous sunny weather this week, and if you live in England you will know how rare that is! Well always one to make the most of a situation we have been chillaxin in nan's garden, preparing our yard for Summer, and enjoying general loveliness in the form of little days out. It has been bliss... and now it is Easter so w have a few work free days to enjoy family time. I love it.

Eden is a fully fledged walker now and I love it. So many people have said to me "Enjoy her none walking phase because it is hard when they walk" - well, I have to say I am enjoying her walking waaaaay more than when she was crawling. She has been so happy since she has been walking which I think is partly down to not being frustrated anymore and it is a real novelty for her to be able to walk with us when were out. I think she feels all grown up.


Tomorrow we go to Southport for the day, did I mention I love the sun :)

Shel x

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