Friday, 22 April 2011


Today was soooo hot. I think it was a bit of a shock to this system, and although Eden was wearing light weight cotton clothes I think she still felt a bit uncomfortable. She was in a bad mood today and, to be honest  wasn't in the best of moods myself.

Well we had a little day out with friends and Eden is usually great on days out but not today. She was tired and cranky all day long and I have to admit it got to me a little. At least she had a little freedom to walk around and explore and that perked her up a little, but wow the sun was really beating down on us.

I think because we were with people today I just wanted to show her off and say (in my mind) "see what a happy child I have" - silly I know, cos why should I even need to think that when where with friends who we have known forever. I guess it is just pride y'no. What do I expect, she is a toddler and they don't just perform on demand or be happy because you want them to do they.

Anyhow, now that she is walking one of her favourite things to do is hold our hand while we walk *slowly* but, god help you if you try to steer her in a different direction because that is a screaming fit right there.

I love the sense of individuality, how unpredictable motherhood is, and how you just have to let them be. I feel like we are learning something every day.

S xx

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