Friday, 10 June 2011

A new beginning

We have pulled Eden out of her nursery.

Without going into too much detail here, it was just that gut feeling that things weren't quite right coupled with issues that have been recently raised. I am trying not to be bitter about it all and just move on.

Thankfully I managed to get her a place at a fantastic nursery. It is run by a young couple who have 4 children of their own and it has only been open for 9 months. They seems really positive and focused on getting the very best out of your child with lot's of child reviews, feedback, great facilities etc.. I think she will love it. For anyone who is interested you can check it out HERE

So today we met a friend and her super cute daughter at a soft play place and it was FUN!! Eden had a good 2 hours of freedom and was in a tip top mood so it was really enjoyable. We agreed we should get together and do it more. I think sometimes we get so caught up in day to day activities that we forget to just do fun things. We will definately make it a more regular thing.

So Eden has this real issue at the moment with sharing stuff, which I know all toddlers go through at some stage but it is bad. She slapped a little boy because he stood near the ball pit she was in. How do you deal with that? I still at times get stuck on how to deal with a toddler in a way that she understands, it is hard sometimes. Well I got down on her level and said firmly that it was naughty and don't hurt him -  I think she got it, well I think she got the tone of voice cos she went all serious. It feels weird trying to show authority when your usually a bit of a joker. I guess it's something we will work on.

Snaps of the day's festivities

Shel xx

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