Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Role Play

I find it hilarious watching Eden play with her dolls and teddys and what not. Isn't it funny how as they grow their toy preferences change and now she has a toy box full of stuff she doesn't even touch.

However  give her a buggy and she is amused for hours.

I need ideas for toys suitable for a 19 month old. I sold a few of her baby toys and with the money bought her a toy guitar, a robot and a word game thing but she seems uninterested in them and I cannot read books to her every hour of the day so I'm a bit stuck at the moment :o)

Shel x

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  1. Toys are hard to pick out! Right now Dylan loves his play phone, my brooms and dust pan (i'm going to get him a kids set because he loves cleaning) and he has this little puppy that he "walks" with this long string attached and it kind of barks as he pulls it but really he is a book worm and he "plays" with those almost all day long. I'm guessing Eden does the same thing where she wants you to read to her all day but sometimes you just want them to play with toys on their own!