Sunday, 24 July 2011

Internet: Caution!

Well it's been a while but all I can say is you won't believe what happened...

Well I decided (cos I was bored) to do a little web search of my blog out of curiosity just to see what may appear and I am so glad I did. Turned out I found someone on Polyvore had set up a fake account and decided to create her perfect "family" This family consisted of a husband, 2 daughters and a son. The youngest daughter being MY daughter.... no joke.

What do you mean? I hear you ask.. well she had taken pictures of Eden from this blog and added them to her Polyvore account passing her off as her own daughter "Amelia" WTF?? This included updates on "Amelia's" personality, likes etc.. Can you imagine my reaction when I saw this. I felt sick, I can't tell you.. The worst thing I found was her profile picture, a Photoshopped image of all her children, herself and her husband with the words "Devett" family in the centre.

I am still in shock.

As you can imagine, I reported this immediately and thankfully the website where quick to remove the profile and all said links, however this experience has left me with a real sour taste in my mouth. I feel like Eden has been violated and in a way I feel like I have not done enough to protect my daughter. I know there are a lot of crazies out there and it has made me totally aware of how dangerous the web can be. I have considered giving up the blog.

Then I have got to thinking about the reason I am doing it. As a diary. So that i can show this to my daughter when she is older and she can see al the fun stuff we did - how she changed and grew and how our bond keeps getting stronger.

So I will continue to blog, with caution, I will keep on updating, and I will not be put off by one troubled individual, who I actually feel sorry for.

Shel x


  1. That happen to one of my friends too so she made her blog private. How did you find this lady? I'm interested in researching to see if someone has done that with my

  2. Shel, there is a way to right click protect your images so no one can copy or save them if you haven't already. That lady is nuts!!!

  3. Brandi - I had no idea you could do that! I know how crazy is that, I will definitely watermark or protect my images in future!


  4. I found out about this by Googling my blog, luckily the photos she stole must have still had some kind of a link to the blog and that was how it came up in the search results.. Crazy!