Monday, 23 May 2011


On the 15th of May my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

My dear friend Rhian Askins did our wedding photography and the other day she posted this picture of my mum and Eden on my Facebook wall.

Every time I look at this I can't stand it. Look how much of a "baby" Eden looks, and ofcourse my mum looks so beautiful. I think because she is such a character now and has so much of her own identity already it is hard to remember her like this and how chubby she was! I love this picture sooo much but it also make me think I will never get that baby back. Does that make sense? I probably sound a bit odd saying that as it is such an exciting time now as her little toddler mind is a sponge and she is learning so quickly. I just want to always keep a part of that baby.

S x

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