Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dear Eden

Your changing so much this month and it is getting really exciting. Today you started to answer questions with "yeah". You seem to understand a lot of what dad and I say to you these days and it is so nice.

This evening before you went to bed you went out into the yard and picked up a stone, I thought you where going to put it into your mouth but you took it into the kitchen and put it in the bin. You are so clever.

Your still not yourself this week. I think it's your bottom teeth, you had a belly upset today and are a bit warm but you try really hard to be cheerful and upbeat.

Your really into simple foods at the moment and you love your grapes as always. You have moved on to adult size cutlery but still need mum and dad to help you load your fork. You have discovered a love for tomato ketchup but we can't give you too much because you try to eat it like soup.

You will be having your 18 month check up soon and we can't wait to tell them what a big strong girl you are getting.

Love and hugs,

Mamma xx

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