Monday, 23 May 2011

Mobile May

sulking at the soft play place
feeding the ducks

sulking again at the park cos it's home time.

When I think about it, we do manage to get out a lot doing stuff. I'm glad, it makes me feels like a good mum and I wouldn't want her to feel confide to the same 4 walls all the time. I think I am really lucky that I only work for half of the week and get to spend the rest of it with Eden, it is a great work/home balance and I think her time at nursery is really good for her. To think that I was one of those people who said I didn't want to work after having a baby, when I think about it now it is the only way I have kept my sanity! The only thing I miss is the extra money but you can't put a price on quality time can you.

Shel x

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