Friday, 20 August 2010

Baby Shower Friday

I had a lovely time this evening at the baby shower of my good friend Vicky.

It is the first baby shower I have ever been to as it is quite a new concept here in the UK and I had a great time.

We had lovely food.

Lovely gifts.

And an excited mum to be!

We played some fun games and chatted about all things baby. Looking at all of the cute newborn outfits made me think about how I felt when I was about to have Eden and how excited and scared I was. I have to admit seeing all of those cute things made me sure I would like another baby some day.

This mum-to-be has such an exciting time ahead of her. I know because I have been through it. I also know that no matter how prepared you think you are you can never be completely ready for parenthood. For me it is challenging yet so rewarding, and there is no greater gift and privilege than bearing your child.

I wish her a positive birthing experience and a healthy bouncy baby girl!

Shel x

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  1. aww love this blog michelle! I take me hat off to all mums!! xxx