Saturday, 28 August 2010

Like father, like daughter

Just how much does my daughter look like her father... look at that profile :)

Although she does have my chunky legs!

So cheeky!
Today we went to the Trafford Centre. Eden got a bath toy and 2 new pairs of shoes. Mum and Dad didn't get anything.

Being a parent has changed me so much. You don't mind doing without yourself so that your child has everything they need. It makes you so selfless. I don't mind going shopping and not getting anything for myself as I get more pleasure buying Eden things, I mean she is by no means spoilt, I always try to bag a bargain but I just get more pleasure buying for her.

We had to change the shoes I got her for the wedding we are going to, so I got these instead:

I reckon these are a better choice as these are walkers and there is a bit of room in them so hopefully they will last a few months!

We also picked these up from Debenhams, they are by a brand called Blue Zoo and they are a fab fit:


Shel x


  1. I love her little shoes! How sweet!

  2. OOOw this little duo is so adorable! I love her name, if I have a daughter I'll name her Eden, I've always loved this name :)

  3. my comment didn't work so I start over, this is such a sweet duo, they are so cute, I always wanted to name my daughter Eden (if I ever have one) :)

  4. mixed race babies are da best lol from kami lee