Friday, 20 August 2010

Yoga Baby!

One of the most amazing things I think I have experienced so far about parenthood is how quickly I have watched my daughter grow. For the first couple of months we could lay her down and be pretty sure she wasn't going anywhere.

Before we knew it she was rolling, the next thing we knew she was shuffling across the room on her belly. I would watch her trying to figure out how on earth she was doing it. So funny.

Then she decided to try her hand at "baby yoga" were she would twist and wriggle her body into the strangest of shapes trying to roll over.

6 months old

The crawling hasn't caught on so far. These days Eden wants to stand up ALL the time which is hard work for me but great fun for her. This week she has started grabbing onto things trying to pull herself up, I think the coffee table needs to go. It is crazy how one day she can't do something then the next day she has learnt something knew. A couple of days ago she started trying to put her dummy in my mouth, really gross but funny. 

I expect it will be crawling or standing next, I had better take a deep breath!

Shel x

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