Saturday, 7 August 2010

Here we go!!!!

Hello world,

Well I kinda wish I had started this earlier as Eden is 8 months old now but having said that as one milestones passes a new one begins ;o)

I am super excited about sharing this little incite of her/our life with the world because I am so proud of my happy, smiley, giggly, sometimes grumpy, bundle of fun.

Yes, I know I am her mother but you have to admit she is a little stunner.

So Eden is doing great and is generally a really happy baby, but the past week she has been exhausting! I don't know whether she is teething, reaching a milestone, or just generally grumpy but she has been sooo clingy. Apparently separation anxiety peaks at around 8-9 months of age and I fear she has now reached that stage which makes life difficult for both mother and baby. Playing independently is becoming a challenge as is most normal activities but I have to keep telling myself 'It is a phase, and it will pass" - hopefully soon!

We have a busy Sunday in the city tomorrow so gotta go.

Night all

Shel x

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