Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday Out

We where invited to a birthday party this afternoon but we didn't want to risk Eden passing any nasty germs to the other children hhhmmmmm.. what to do..

We needed some fresh air as we had been house bound all week and I was seriously getting cabin fever so we headed over to Rivington Barn where we had the most delicious carvery meal. Eden had her own food but seemed much more impressed with our roast potatoes!

We then headed over to Haigh Hall and had a stroll around the gardens. Eden was a bit bewildered by the long grass and wasn't so sure whether or not she liked it.


"I'm really not sure about this green stuff mum"

She is a very lucky girl. In here 9 months since birth she has been for numerous days out, travelled around the country, had her first holiday etc....

When she is older I will tell her what a lucky girl she is and how so many kids don't get the life that she has with such doting parents.


Shel x

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