Sunday, 22 August 2010

Shopping Day

Well today I had a lovely change and went into Liverpool with my mum shopping. It was great to get out and spend some quality time together. It's not like we never see each other but I  am always with Eden so it's nice occasionally when it is just my mum and I, although we always end up talking about Eden and buying her something!

Today I got her a couple of wooly winter hats, a denim skirt and some cute tights for winter. I LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping for my daughter as there is so much cute stuff out there for babies! We are going to a friends wedding in a few weeks so I also had to get the baby an outfit. I ended up buying her these:

Can you believe the dress I had to buy is for 18 - 24 months! I think the shop generally has small sizes, but come on she is 9 months old! I got her the shoes in 6-12 months and they just fit so I may have to see if I can get those in the next size up. I have decided to get some ribbon or fabric to match this lovely purple shade and make her a matching headband, just to complete the outfit. Ahhhhh she will look a treat!

Still have to get myself an outfit which will no doubt be last minute, but at least one of us in prepared!

Shel x

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  1. I love that little dress and shoes! (This makes me even more excited to be a Momma!)

    Happy Sunday!