Monday, 30 August 2010

Daddy, daughter, and growth spurts

I totally forgot to add these pictures to a previous blog post, so here you go! I can't believe how small Eden looks in this first picture:

She seems to have shot up this past month. I can tell she has grown a lot as I seem to be clipping her fingernails every few days. Her hair has also come on in leaps and bounds this month as the bit that she has is getting long and her little flick is going in her eyes now.

One of my favourite most adorable bits of my daughter are her little feet, I think she will be like me, short with small feet :o)

However this month her little feet have grown a lot! She has outgrown quite a few pairs of shoes lately so I have been resorting to putting her in just socks.

What a difference 9 months makes!
When I look at those tiny shoes I think "was she really that small?" - it's seems such a long time ago now and as much as I am excited for the future it makes me kinda sad that every day my baby is growing up just that little bit more. Especially now with the growths spurts, the learning to speak, sharing food etc... the baby days will soon turn into toddler days, child days, teenager days.... I could go on.

I think to myself, the actions of my husband and I now, the way we treat Eden, what we teach her, her family life - will help determine the person she is when she grows up - that is a HUGE responsibility but I guess it's one that all parents have to take on board.

All anyone can do is their very best, show their children love and support, and teach right from wrong.... isn't it?

Shel x

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