Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Beyond Today

So Eden has gone off to her nans for a couple of hours of fun and frolics and I am sat here eating a croissant and writing this. I have a ton of things that I should be doing while I have this precious time alone as I don't have it very often but it is just nice to sit, do nothing and be ME.

Sometimes when you have a child/baby it is so easy to lose your own identity, you are no longer an individual, you are "Eden's mum" - it is great but what happens when they have their independence and don't need you anymore?

Eden is so reliant on me I can't imagine what life will be like when she is all grown up, thinks she knows it all, and the teenage years don't bear thinking about! "They grow up too fast" - I hear that all too often, that is why I am writing this, taking pictures, videos so that I can look back when Eden has her own family and reminisce on what life was like "back then".

I love taking pictures, it is something I am passionate about, and I have the perfect little subject but over the past few months I have lost direction in terms of creativity and haven't had any kind of outlet but I am hoping  that in keeping this blog it will give me focus and a creative outlet.

Taken in Spain around the time that Eden was conceived... With no idea what we had in store!!!

I guess I should be doing something as this house won't clean itself!!

Shel x

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