Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Momentous milestones

Eden isn't crawling, I mean should she be by now? She is 8 months old.

I am a bit obsessed with the internet. What should she be doing by now? What should she weigh? Should she have more teeth? I think at the end of the day she is perfectly fine and normal but I am just an over anxious mother. She won't crawl, she doesn't have the patience. She shuffles on her belly and goes round in circles.. it is cute.

Maybe she will be one of those babies that goes straight to walking. Anyhow I got her these cute baby leg warmers from the internet that protect their delicate knees from any scrapes when they crawl. Aren't they cute..

I think I will put them on her anyway so that I get my money's worth!


Shel x

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